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We are sure you are aware of the much publicised debate within the EU regarding the reclassification of ATV Product.
There is a proposal that ATV (Quadbikes) fall under the agricultural “T” (Tractor) Category. Currently EU Type approval only recognises that Tractors should not exceed 40 km/h (24.85 MPH) it is proposed that new sub categories are formulated.

Up to and over 40km/h.
The EU are keen for ATV to fall in to the up to 40km/h class, many within the ATV Industry would say that an ATV should be able to operate at speeds of up to 60km/h (37.28mph)


This is your opportunity to put your thoughts forward. At what speed do you need to operate your ATV? And why?

BE HEARD! Give us the information that we can pass on to the EU so that they may be able to make an INFORMED decision.

Download and complete the ATV usage quesionnaire on our home page and fax or return to us to register your opinion.

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