Logic Release New ATV Helmet

The Logic ATV032/3 is a brand new design and is reportedly the only dedicated ATV helmet which is currently compliant with HSE Agricultural Information Sheet No. 33 (AIS33).

The helmet offers an open field of vision and an open ear design, allowing the wearer to use a mobile phone (where it is safe and within the law to do so) without having to remove it. Unlike most helmets wearing spectacles or sunglasses is very easy – even with the visor down. The new helmet is light, comfortable, convenient and stylish – thus dealing with the main reasons people cite for not wearing a helmet on an ATV.

Users report that the helmet is much better than using motorbike helmets, which can be too heavy, restrict vision to the side and are much more enclosed.

The new helmets are significantly lighter in weight than the ATV helmet from Logic it replaces, taking advantage of advances in helmet technology since the previous design was produced 8 years ago.

Two shell sizes are available: small/medium (ATV032) and large/ex.large (ATV033). All come with a set of pad inserts to suit all usual head sizes.

Buyers will also be pleased to find that the new helmet also costs less than the old design, retailing at £35 +VAT (previous design was £45 + VAT). The helmets can be ordered from Logic dealers all around the country. Contact Logic on 01434 606661 (North), or 01285 720930 (South), to find your local outlet.

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