Christmas Safety Campaign for All Terrain Vehicles / Quads / Quadbikes

European ATV Safety Institute Christmas Safety Campaign for

All Terrain Vehicles / Quads / Quadbikes

An ATV - The Perfect Christmas Present

Purchasing Tipsp>

When calculating the budget for you purchase, make an allowance for safety clothing and equipment.

HEAD PROTECTION. A motorcycle safety helmet must always be worn when riding an ATV.

EYE PROTECTION. Goggles or a visor must always be worn. Regular glasses or sunglasses may not provide adequate protection.

GLOVES. Preferably of the padded protection design, must always be worn to protect the hands.

BOOTS. The minimum protective footwear is a pair of over the ankle boots with low heels to help prevent feet from slipping off the footrests. Off-road style over-the-calf ATV or motorcycle boots offer the best protection for feet, ankle and legs.

CLOTHING. It is important to protect your skin from scratches. A long sleeved jersey or shirt and long trousers are requirements for rider protection. Off-road riding gear, such as jersey, shoulder pad/protection, chest protector and off road trousers with knee/shin and hip protection, provide better protection.

Where to Purchase.

The genuine franchised dealer network is best placed to offer the best advice on the ATV that is most suited to your child. They will also be able to advise you on the correct safety clothing and equipment. In addition they will be able to direct you to an EASI safety training course.

Learning Environment.

Children under the age of 16 years must always be supervised by an adult. Initial learning should always be on flat ground, (NOT a paved surface), in an open area free of any immovable obstacles such as trees, parked vehicles etc. Do not assume that you have the right to use any public, private or common land. You must always have the land owner's permission.


Take an EASI approved training course at the earliest opportunity. You will receive a hands-on experience of how to look after yourself and your ATV and be shown how to safely improve your skills.

Friends & Family

You should not allow friends and family to "show you how it's done", unless they are properly trained and qualified to do so. Value your own safety and the condition of your ATV, as well as the safety of your friends and family.

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