MOTs for road legal ATVs that are three years old.

The August issue of QUAD Magazine confirmed that when quads are registered and ridden on the road they must pass an MOT once they are three years old.

The problem is that few garages have suitable testing ramps for ATVs and MOT testers may be inexperienced or unable to pilot an ATV safely, to carry out the necessary brake test. 

This is a safety concern which EASI boss Andy Heitman takes very seriously:

“ATVs handle very differently to other vehicles including cars and motorcycles. Just because someone holds a driving licence doesn’t mean they are able to understand or ride an ATV proficiently. Depending on the configuration of the specific model, an ATV becomes ‘rider active’ [ie requires specialist skill] at speeds as low as 5mph so decelerometer testing at 20mph would almost certainly require knowledge of rider active techniques, particularly if the ATV is equipped with a fixed rear axle.”

When QUAD's Amanda Stevens spoke to her local garage they were confident they could carry out an MOT for her quad but when they saw it they changed their mind... so it always makes sense to choose a test station with recent experience of carrying out MOTs for quads and where the tester has the skills and credentials to road-test the machine.

The quad test costs £50.35, takes approximately 45 minutes when all is well. and checks 

• Brakes

• Footrest condition

• Front number plate

• Lights, reflectors and horn

• Steering and suspension

• Two rear view mirrors

• Wheel bearings, rear wheels and tyres which must have an E-mark for road use and at least 1.6mm of tread

• Working hazard lights; when the ignition is switched off

For the time being quads are exempt from emissions testing.

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