As well as majoring on all the critical safety issues EASI training programmes also encourage ATV riders to take a responsible approach towards environmental and countryside considerations in accordance with The EASI Environmental Code.


•    Never ride in areas where motorised vehicles are not permitted

•    Always seek Landowners' permission before riding on private land

•    You may only ride on Green Lanes designated by the Highway Authority. Where in doubt always check first

•    Always leave gates and fences the way you found them. This is especially important on private lands where livestock may be kept. Approach livestock or wildlife slowly, if you startle them they may run directly into your path. Give them time to react and give them as wide a berth as possible

•    Always leave the area as clean as you found it. If you see litter, pick it up and carry it out. Carry a rolled up plastic bag and a couple of bungee cords on your ATV. Always bring back more litter than you take with you

•    Travel at slow speed, enjoy the countryside and create the minimum impact

•    If you want to race or ride fast go to a recognised track facility to do this

•    Understand the rights of others and be courteous to those you may meet on the trail

•    Always give right-of-way to walkers, ramblers, dog walkers and horseback riders. Pull over and stop your engine for horses. Horses respond very positively to a calm, human voice and the rider will likely talk soothingly to the horse. It doesn't hurt if you do the same to assure the horse that you are no threat

•    Respect everyone you meet when riding. Whenever you talk to a landowner or member of the public take your helmet off; your helmet can make you appear to be intimidating and unfriendly. Be friendly and polite with all you meet and do not react if your demeanour is not reciprocated

•    Excessive noise stresses wildlife and annoys property owners, local residents and other recreation users. It also contributes to your own riding fatigue. Less noise means you can ride farther and more comfortably. Keep your ATV quiet, it is designed to be relatively quiet while still delivering maximum performance, smooth engine torque and spark suppression


"We did not inherit this earth from our forefathers. We borrowed it from our children."  Ancient American Indian saying

Environmental Code

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