EASI coaching qualifications demonstrate a commitment to ATV rider safety and are a sure way for customers to single out those individuals and employers who are dedicated to the delivery of professional excellence in this area.

In addition, advanced training qualifications may be required for business risk assessment purposes and to obtain Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

Not only can EASI Coaching Qualifications identify UK Instructors who are professionally qualified to deliver ATV safety courses but they can also benefit employers offering Outdoor Adventure and Trekking Activity programmes using All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

EASI operates a comprehensive coaching programme designed to ensure that Instructors, Trainers and Coaches are properly prepared and qualified to instruct participants in aspects of ATV appreciation, personal protective equipment, rider technique and other ATV safety considerations.


EASI recognises that the level of coach education, training and skills required to deliver ATV safety training courses varies and depends on the environment, level of risk and type of operation.

EASI's Coaching Matrix provides a comprehensive range of training courses and qualifications which have been designed to meet the needs of Outdoor Activity, Adventure and Trekking centres across the UK.

EASI qualifications include

•    a basic, non-riding Supervisor Award for adults who will be supervising taster sessions for children aged between 6 and 16 years in the safe control of ATVs in designated 'enclosed track environments'

•    a structured and more advanced range of qualifications catering for adults who are to assist, lead and train other staff at Trekking and Outdoor Activity Centres

To download a pdf with information about EASI's Coaching Matrix and Qualifications just click on the image below. 

Qualifications and Coaching Matrix

In addition to the above, EASI can offer businesses ATV-related consultancy and tailored training services to help with the following operational areas:

Operational procedures

Risk assessments

ATV and safety equipment advice

Quality assurance criteria

•    Technical assistance

To find out more about...

•    EASI Coaching and Qualifications for ATV Instructors, Trainers, and Coaches

•    Private and/or corporate ATV training days

•    Consultancy services to do with ATV safety

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NB: EASI is committed to providing a safe environment for children to participate in ATV/quad safety training courses. To download a pdf with information about EASI's comprehensive Child Protection Policy just click on the icon below.
EASI Child Protection Policy v2

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