As demand for EASI Rider ATV courses grows, EASI recruits new Instructors to provide these courses, filling in gaps in the UK network.

To become an EASI qualified Instructor, individuals take an Instructor training course which is also referred to as an Instructor Preparation (IP) course.

IP courses are delivered in West Sussex, traditionally take 5 days from Monday to Friday and are held twice a year in March and September.

Subject to the satisfactory completion of EASI's IP course, the EASI licence remains valid providing Instructors carry out a minimum of two EASI Rider courses a year, make themselves available for Quality Assessment Visits, as required by EASI and attend a refresher course every second year, usually over a weekend in Sussex and at no cost.

For an application form
Instructor Application Form

For supporting application notes
EASI Rider Course Instructor Application Notes

For information about EASI
Information Booklet for potential Instructors

To enquire about the latest vacancies either call 01273 494128 or email easitraining@q

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